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Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip - Carl Hiaasen

Ok, now I get it! Of course, by "it" I mean all the Hiaasen hoopla among those with whom I share a certain brand of humor – an "it" that baffled me after my first encounter with Carl via Bad Monkey. 


We're back in Florida, where even the craziest of characters are plausible probable. Since I'm not exactly trailblazing new territory here in book review land, I'll just give you some quick picks from the cast of Skinny Dip which may or may not overlap with everyone's favorite super secret spy agency (damn you terrorists for taking its name!):


Open scene with Joey Perrone tossed off a cruise ship and into the drink by her husband Chaz (who is selfish even by Sterling Archer standards). 


Heart of Archness Shark


But for his lack of ethical scruples, Chaz Perrone is ill-suited for his job as a biostitute (a clever portmanteau of biologist and prostitute). He's more than happy to fake results for his boss whose farming operations pollute the fragile ecosystem, but, he's not exactly outdoorsy.


Three biggest fears


Welcome to the Everglades, where everything either wants to eat you, or give you malaria.  


Archer airboat


Assorted other tie-ins?

Dumb muscle bodyguard (and one of the funniest characters).


Ricky Bad Touch


We've also got the little old lady who breaks through even the toughest of façades.


No Ruth youre the best


Good times, good times.