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Killshot - Elmore Leonard

I'm gonna commit what should be the most flattering of intellectual property crimes, and pass along the opening query with which Kemper begins his (admittedly superior) review of this book: 

Who would be more dangerous, two sociopathic killers teaming up or a middle-aged couple who could use some marriage counseling?

Well if that isn't a question for the ages, then I just don't know what is. This is a bit of a lazy review, so I'll give you some extra tidbits of info to take into account while puzzling through this scenario:


  • One of our sociopaths, Armand "Blackbird" Degas, is Canadian (well, French-Canadian), half Ojibway Indian
  • Sociopath number two, Richie is (IMHO) incredibly annoying
  • The man of the house is an iron worker
  • The little lady is in real estate/taking care of her elderly mother


I was up and down with enjoying the story, and wanting them to get on with it already. I'll tell you this, though: Elmore Leonard knows how to keep tension in the air. I believe the word that is "suspense," but that term covers far too broad a swath of feelings for my liking these days.


Short, interesting and unpredictable.