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Pop. 1280 (Crime Masterworks)

Pop. 1280 - Jim Thompson

As sheriff in Potts County, Nick Corey's job (as he sees it) is to punish the heck out of people for bein’ people. Oh, and also to gloat over folks in trouble. So, really, none of what happens is Nick's fault. Or, as he would say

...people who go around sniffing crap with their mouth open, and acting surprised as hell when someone kicks a turd in it.

This is another dark and, at times, funny Jim Thompson tale involving a small town sheriff. I'm not sure that it's better or worse than The Killer Inside Me, but I guess I found Nick to be a less likable depraved psychopath than I did Lou (which could easily be a product of the order in which I read the books). However, if you're hoping for a chance to ride shotgun with a man with no morals while he toys with the people around him, then you won't be disappointed. 

Also, extra points for the reference to Robert's Rules of Order.


[n.b. I actually read this back in February but am newly obsessed with the Black Lizard imprint edition covers, and couldn't figure how else to adjust my review cover appropriately. That is all.]