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Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

This was a fun, easy, ear-candy read (listen) to crash out to after my brain was fried from busy days at work. I enjoy a good pop culture reference (my love of Archer is well known). However (and honestly I'm a bit embarrassed about this), much of the all 80s all the time content of Ready Player One flew right past me. 


I know that others of my vintage "got" this book (e.g. my fellow 1984-born buddy Brandon's review) and, yes, the slow pitch allusions landed with me (although, "allusion" kind of understates their obviousness). I played my share of Pac Man at bowling birthday parties, and (probably due at least in part to more recent 80s love fests) know the decade's tunes and movies pretty well. But, as it turns out, I guess I just wasn't "in the know" when it came to computer gaming culture from the ages of 0-5.


There's a love story in there, and plenty of cultural commentary (it is, after all, a dystopian future). Alas, being born in 1984, I think I would have enjoyed the ride more had Castle Anorak been filled with 90s-era ephemera. (If the challenge was to simultaneously skip-it while "writing on the wall" with a ribbon dancer and beating Glider, Oregon Trail, as well as Number and/or Word Muncher I'd have had a chance of making it up there on the scoreboard). 




So in conclusion, it really isn't you book, this one's my bad!