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The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower #3)

The Waste Lands  - Ned Dameron, Stephen King

I'm not usually one for "fantasy," though there have been a number exceptions. I like to know "the rules" of whatever world I'm in (I guess there's a bit of Annie Wilkes in me), and it can take me a while to "calibrate" appropriately. The characters aren't that far ahead of me in some ways. Even Roland, the Gunslinger of all gunslingers, isn't always "in the know" as to what lies in the realm of possibility. Eventually, I got there (in large part thanks to the presence of Jake, who is so easy to care about), and was back "in the beam" with the crew (plus one endearing billy-bumbler). 


Thanks to Brandon's review of The Long Walk, I was obsessed with possible parallels to other King worlds while in the City of Lud (primarily The Stand) almost to the point of distraction. Is it mere coincidence that Gash rhymes with Trash? What about the Tick-Tock man? Was Mother Abigail supposed to be in there somewhere? (I'm pretty sure the answer to that last one is no, but you get my point).