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Gone, Baby, Gone (Kenzie & Gennaro #4)

Gone, Baby, Gone - Dennis Lehane

just finished this book- like, literally, turned the final page, put it down, and am now writing. So, it's possible that I'm violating some rule of thumb akin to waiting two hours after you eat before swimming or not going to bed angry. However, there's a sort of queasy discomfort I have after finishing this fourth volume of the Kenzie & Gennaro corpus that might dissolve given enough lag time that I wanted to get down.


Lehane has left me with the disquieting malaise of a wicked problem. Wicked problems are defined (in part) by their lack of definitive solution. And, at least for me, uncertainty is not a favorite feeling. This book, of course, is not a discourse in moral philosophy. Patrick and Angie are brought in to look for the missing child of a less than stellar mother at the behest of the girl's uncle. As usual, there are layers of intrigue, action and tension for miles. 


If nothing more, this one will definitely make you feel something, but it will likely be a something you can't quite pin down.