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Out on the Cutting Edge (Matthew Scudder #7)

Out on the Cutting Edge (Matthew Scudder #7) - Lawrence Block, William Morrow

Potentially Unnecessary Preamble

I have this thing, a compulsion perhaps, wherein I cannot not finish a book (yes, that double negative needed to happen). I always worry that the ending will be so amazing as to have made any pain involved in the process worth it (that, and I've managed to convince myself that if I don't finish one book I'll just never finish another book again). Let me be clear, I love me my Matthew Scudder way too much to even consider not finishing one of his exploits, but the way this one comes together in the end really sealed the deal for my life as an inveterate book finisher. 


Wonderful Reviews...have already been written about this one. I know, great reviews exist for a lot of books, but summarizing is not my strength, and, well, I'm feeling kind of lazy today. Looking for musings on Scudder's New York? Trudi's got you covered. Kick ass synopsis? See Carol. Timeline clarification and a meditation on a new, kick-ass character? That's Kemper-controlled territory. Want someone to share in your ending-induced shock and awe? Brandon's your boy. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.


So what could I possibly contribute to the existing corpus of Scudder love? 


Obscure Archer References (Duh!)

When we come across the lifeless body of one of Scudder's AA pals, perhaps due to autoerotic asphyxiation (shoutout to Sir Augustus Stilton aka Choke n Stroke), his magazine of choice features a lady with "large breasts...tightly wrapped with a lamp cord...her face contorted in an unconvincing grimace of pain and terror." Can you say tit-bondage porn?


Pam Poovey Tit Bondage Porn


Also, I won't tell you how piracy is involved, but these musings sounded pretty familiar:

"Dear God. How can things like this happen in this day and age? Piracy, you think of men with gold earrings and peg legs and, and, parrots. Errol Flynn in the movies. It seems like something out of another time."