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The Dark Half

The Dark Half / Stephen King - Stephen King

Brace yourself for some layers of authorship! Ready? This book was written by Stephen King as Stephen King not too long after the "death" by exposure of his pseudonym Richard Bachman. The story is about an author, Thad Beaumont, who, under similar circumstances, has just laid to rest his own successful pseudonym, George Stark. Trouble is, George Stark isn't too keen on going quietly into the night. And George Stark can be one high toned son of a bitch. 


High Toned Son of a Bitch


I love it when King writes about writers (John Irving has a similar knack for this). I'm in the infancy of becoming a true Constant Reader, so my scope of King Canon isn't quite complete, but this brought together flavors and queries I savored in both Misery and The Shining. The protagonists are plagued by an uncertainty around who exactly is running the show.


Not being a writer myself, there are pieces that I enjoy simply as voyeur. However, the screw 'em all, unsustainable but going too fast to care characteristics of George Stark or Jack Torrance when the boiler begins to creep lie somewhere within us all. That moment of realizing that your brain, your impulses might not be on your side, might, in fact, be pedal to the metal steering you off a cliff, roadblocks be damned- well, perhaps it's more familiar to some than others.