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The Serpent of Venice

The Serpent of Venice - Christopher Moore

Hot on the heels of finishing Fool, I couldn't have been more pleased to hear that I was mere days away from another bawdy tale of heinous fuckery most foul featuring our pal Pocket. (Thanks Amanda!) And, as usual, Christopher Moore (below) delivers another raucous ride in the most Moorish of ways (Othello pun).


So what's in store for Pocket and friends? Well, once again Moore is borrowing from good old Will (Othello and The Merchant of Venice, with bits and pieces from elsewhere in the canon). But, this time around, he's tossing in a bit of Poe for good measure, from his short story The Cask of Amantillado. However, not to worry if you haven't the foggiest as to the contents of those earlier tales, Moore's work always stands well on its own two feet (even if they're a bit wobbly when shod in chopines - little stilt shoes of which Pocket partakes for a time).


Christopher Moore


I'm not sure that I loved this one quite so much as I did Fool, but that doesn't mean I wasn't laughing all the way through. Pocket's dialogue with the bothersome chorus who pops in now and again for a bit of expository language was especially clever. So, go grab your motley, your enormous codpiece and your monkey (called "Jeff"), and get on with the intrigue.