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The Boys From Brazil

The Boys from Brazil - Ira Levin

"Holy sh*tsnacks! Krieger's one of the boys from Brazil!"

Yes, once again I find myself reading a book as a result of an Archer reference (see also Bartleby The Scrivener). The premise (of the book, not of Archer) is that down in South America, the fugitive Dr. Megele is sending out six men to kill 94 civil servants on precise dates in nine countries. Renowned Nazi-hunter, Yakov Liebermann receives a mysterious phone call from a twenty-something American boy whose gone to Brazil to investigate and (no big spoiler here) is killed. As Krieger would say, schiesse!



Despite knowing one of the big twists, courtesy of Malory Archer (

If there's one thing I've learned in all my years as a spy master, it's that you keep your friends close, and possible genetic clones of Adolf Hitler - closer

(show spoiler)

), it was still a fun read with plenty of twists to keep me interested. I can see why Ira Levin's books are perfect for film- the writing is incredibly cinematic; shot for shot sequences of driving, blocking for each dramatic death. The last chapter (which I won't spoil), reads like a screenplay (or how I imagine one would read). 


It certainly makes you think- what would a world be like with 94 of these mysterious boys out there...


Krieger Boys from Brazil



Bonus Archer shots:


Krieger Face

Malory Archer Boys from Brazil