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Until The End Of The World (Preacher #2)

Until the End of the World - Steve Dillon, Garth Ennis

One might think that, having escaped the clutches of the family from hell (metaphorically) in Angelville (literally), Jesse (AKA Preacher) and Tulip would be happily nesting somewhere yonder, unless, of course, you've been paying attention to what actually goes on in these books, in which case you'd be well-aware that there's always more bedlam at hand. 

Jesse and Tulip have been hitting the sheets (and any other surface they can find) in a hotel in San Francisco where we meet up with our favorite Irish sanguisuge, Cass. They're not the only ones in town though. The death of Cass' long-time gal by OD leads our trio to the house of a pale-faced, hedonism-obsessed billionaire by the name of Jesus de Sade. Depraved doesn't begin to cover the likes the infundibular activities in that house, so I'll just give you a peep of a typical morning in the breakfast nookbefore any of the real debauchery begins. 
Jesus de Sade, Preacher, Until the End of the World
Jesse, meanwhile, is in the sights of Herr Starr, a disfigured head operative of The Grail, an organization whose mission, activities, and corpulent leader are beyond me to describe. 
Starr, Preacher, Until the End of the World
When Cassidy claims to be Jesse to save his buddy's hide, Preacher's gotta mobilize and infiltrate the Grail's HQ, Masada. Oh, and don't forget that a certain deity is still MIA- so toss that into the mix and you've got a recipe for madness the likes of which a healthy human mind should not be able to readily conjure. 

While I'll undoubtedly be going back for more, the Masada mission didn't elicit the same kind of visceral je ne sais quoi for me that Angelville did. The background on Jesse's dad in 'Nam and Cassidy's origin stories were good time fun. This one's still a raucous explosion of incredible art and the darkest of humor, but I give it 3.5 out of a Preacher-adjusted possible 5 stars. 

Oh and a bonus (albeit sacrilegious) head's up from good ol' Cass for anyone wanting a vampire's take on the Almighty.
Jesse and Cassidy talk god, Preacher, Until the End of the World