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The Outfit: A Parker Novel

The Outfit  - Richard Stark

When The Outfit sets its sights on Parker it doesn't count on the fact that men like Parker, the "independent contractors" of the underworld are, in their own way, legion. The powers that be as well as the cogs and drones who comprise the myriad operations under the purview of The Outfit are soft targets, heretofore left alone out of a sort of professional courtesy. But, guess what kids? The gloves are coming off of Parker's freakishly powerful mitts. 

The fact that Parker's first task is to launch a bit of a letter-writing campaign makes me nostalgic for an era through which I never lived. I swooned for yesteryear upon reading that Parker bothered to call an operator to make sure he didn't misspell the word "grievance" before unleashing his hand-written word unto his co-workers in heists-gone-by. 

What made this Parker volume particularly delightful was the series of vignettes as individual players make their moves on operations they've been waiting to hit for a rainy day. Stark/Westlake gives each a slightly different style; following a dime from the pocket of a corner-store gambler to the bottom of a freshly-looted safe, giving the ins and outs of the worst day of a horse track lay-off man's career. We even get to meet up with a few characters from the first two forays into Parker-land. 

Money Laundering 101 - 400

Richard Stark (alter ego extraordinaire) has fed me another piece of glorious criminal candy.