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Preacher: Gone to Texas

Preacher, Book One - Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon

Even everyone's favorite droog, wee little Alex, would be hard up to deny that when you ride alongside Preacher you're in for a bit of the good old ultraviolence. So, before I even attempt to capture just a smidgen of this caustic cataclysm, I'll tell you straight off that this is not for little eyes or the faint of heart.


Garth Ennis actually had me laughing aloud from the start with his "sugar-coated" introduction to the collection, which is rife with "cloying sentimentality" (spoiler alert: that's sarcasm). Having never before read a graphic novel that featured neither a superhero nor Archie and his gang (leave me alone- I was nine), I had no idea what to expect- just that a cast of talented, twisted minds had written reviews suggesting that even their sick psyches had been on overload with this one. Obviously, I wanted in.


So what's brought on all this insanity? Well, the big man upstairs seems to be on the lam and the Adelphi aren't exaggerating when they proclaim that, well...

Preacher  Kingdom of Heaven


Our lovable cast of characters (featuring our preacher, Jesse, his ex, Tulip, and Cassius, a vampire who most definitely does not sparkle in the sunlight) down on earth aren't doing so hot either. Among other things, the Saint of Killers is on the loose and (Harry Dresden, take note) this is one dude who knows how to rock a duster


Preacher  Saint of Killers Duster


The writing and the art combine in awesome synergy, creating an explosive story line rife with, as promised, that good old ultraviolence. 


Preacher  Ultraviolence


While it's by no means fit for the squeamish, it does have that certain something (often seen in Tarantino's work) that makes it somehow palatable in its popping extremes.

Preacher  Eye Splat

Meanwhile, there are images in this one that will give me nightmares for months- but those have nothing to do with guts and gore. I'm tempted to give you a peek, but as I assemble my unworthy commentary, I'm realizing that reading this in full is just so much better than catching glimpses. 


Extra credit:

The background characters in every scene are worth closely examining as the art is just meticulously amazing. In one instance, I found a fellow who looks strikingly similar to Mama June of Honey Boo Boo fame (I've never seen the show, but it's hard to forget the sight of someone who looks like a human thumb).

Preacher  Mama June