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Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1)

Storm Front - Jim Butcher

The premise for this book/series is not dissimilar to that of endless cop/detective shows, books etc.- our protagonist is an unconventional sort, not easy to work with, a loner by nature, distrusted by many, but has some special skill that some member of the police force knows is too valuable to pass up. In this case, that certain je ne sais quoi is that Harry Dresden is a Wizard.


Dresden is no Merlin, Harry Potter or Gob Bluth (I said wizard, not illusionist- try to keep up people)! He can't always pay his rent on time, lives in a basement apartment, and (as is mentioned several times) wears a duster. For those of you who have deprived yourself of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and, thus, don't know what a duster is, it's like a jacket...only longer, thicker and far more bad ass (thanks Mac)!


Mac Duster


Due to my immediate mental association with the exploits of the gang down at Paddy's Pub, I knew I was gonna have trouble taking things seriously. Luckily for me, Dresden and Jim Butcher don't take themselves too seriously either. The book is laced with sarcasm and pop culture references, which, for me, is pretty much always a good thing. 

So we're looking for the wizard version of Mister Miyagi.

The case itself is good enough, not too hard to solve, but not painfully predictable either. Rumor has it this series keeps on getting better, so I'm happy to be counted in for more. 


Mac in his Duster at Paddy's Pub