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The Man With The Getaway Face (Parker, #2)

The Man with the Getaway Face: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels) - Richard Stark

Parker novels are unapologetic pulpy goodness. The lingo alone makes the read worthwhile. I’m not sure how I’m going to work a line like Who’s the bird dog on this one? into casual conversation. Nor will I be 100% sure what I’m saying if I call someone a frill and/or a busher, but by god, by the end of the work week I intend to find out. 

Parker has simple rules for life (he’d be pretty easy to program as far as artificial intelligence goes: if whore responsive, proceed; else, choke). He doesn’t want too many moving pieces, and he knows how to get a job done. Now if he could just keep the rest of the other rubes in line, things wouldn’t be so damn complicated!

In addition to dealing with an armored car heist featuring that irritating frill/busher, Parker has Stubbs to handle who, due to an incident involving a migrant farm worker strike, scabs and a two-by-four, is a bit of a simpleton. I feel like my vision of Opie from Family Guy was pretty dead on with that one.
Opie Family Guy

It’s a dark and enjoyable ride.

Judging a book by its cover:
I know they say you’re not supposed to do that, but since not everyone will get their mitts on the 1984 vintage copy of Parker #2, I’m sharing my thoughts. 
The Man With The Getaway Face
First off, what is up with Parker’s profile? Between the jacket and the, well, puffy pseudo-fro hair, a mashup of Frankie Avalon and Michael Jackson from Thriller came to mind. Also, the mock turtleneck...really?*
Parker Squares
I thought I’d include the summary according to the back cover, which is just beyond cheesy.
Man With the Getaway Face

*Additionally, as Kemper pointed out in the comments (see GR review), he ['84 cover Parker, not Kemper] may be donning a Member's Only jacket...