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The World House

The World House - Guy Adams Word Problem: If Alice has hijacked Miss Frizzle’s magic school bus and is going 60 clicks per decasecond when she runs through the phantom tollbooth, where will she end up?

Although none of the aforementioned characters (or any reference thereto) show up in this raucous ride with Guy Adams, the answer is probably the World House* where (to borrow Adams’ words) “logic is not always on the setlist” and there is “a never-ending supply of neuroses and nightmares.”

The recruits are as diverse and unrelated as can be, pretty much only bonded by the unlucky circumstances that resulted in their arrival and their desire to survive the mayhem. It seems cheap of me to just evoke a hodgepodge of epic journey ‘lore to describe this book, but it really is part Wonderland, the Odyssey, your worst nightmare and a dash of Jumanji. It’s a recipe for disaster and features the type of nonsense most-often tolerated by children and, thus, found in their tales (but with the rape and all, it might be best to steer away young readers).

This tale is certainly unexpected and most definitely fun. It’s fast reading and (given the lack of logic) not terribly cerebral (although I definitely had to pause a time or two to make sure I knew which characters were which...it’s quite the sizable ensemble). Onward!

* Oh, did I forget to mention that there’s a little ticking wooden box with Chinese symbols on it in the glove? Yeah, that’s kind of important.