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Misery - Stephen King While reading this book I actually found myself reflexively plugging my ears in the way I do during suspenseful scenes in movies- but you can't keep Annie Wilkes away that easily. Not only did I love this as a psychological thriller, but also as a meditation on the relationship between celebrities and their (cockadoodie) "number one fans"...

I've never seen the movie, but I think it may be worthwhile (after all, if Stewie Griffin makes such a good Annie Wilkes, I can only imagine how Kathy Bates will do!)
Actually, if you're a fan of Stephen King and haven't seen the Three Kings episode of Family Guy, stop whatever you're doing right now (seriously, lock yourself in the bathroom if you're at work) and go watch it.

Non-sequitur: Loved the little references to [b:The Shining|11588|The Shining (The Shining, #1)|Stephen King|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1353277730s/11588.jpg|849585] (you'll find yourself back in Sidewinder, CO)!