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You Will Know Me

You Will Know Me - Megan Abbott
Later, Katie would come to think of that night as the key to everything that came after…

This book is so very [a:Megan Abbott|29593|Megan Abbott|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1341365230p2/29593.jpg]— and that's a good thing. I love Megan Abbott. I even created a Megan-Abbott-adjusted star system for my review of The Song is You; reading it so hot on the trail of Dare Me, and Queenpin. But, that also means that you're sitting there, reading tension-filled from page one. You see everything through the blurry lenses of the before and after, despite the fact that you don't yet know what happened.

This book is not Dare Me for gymnasts, and Dan Schwent's review does a great job of telling you why. In fact, I actually vacillated in my feelings about the timing of this book's release, which, of course, leads into the opening of the Olympics— though the twistedness of the world she creates is not about the what so much as it is the how. My point being that I don't think this is meant as a commentary on something inherent to gymnastics.

This definitely lands on my half-baked reviews shelf— but, I couldn't keep one tangentially related image out of my head, and I've never been one to resist a shout-out to Motherboy.

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