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The King of Lies

The King of Lies - John Hart

The King of Lies just didn't do it for me. Normally I would just toss this in my ever-growing pile of unreviewed ‘meh’ books, but, since a couple people were curious what I thought/would think along the way, I'll offer my lame two cents. (Note: For actual review-reviews with summaries and stuff, I recommend you check out the superior commentary given by James Thane and/or Brandon).


I knew nothing about John Hart going into this, the audiobook was on sale for $4.95 as part of some audible editors' picks thing, and we all know you make money by buying things on sale (*sarcasm*), so I bought it without much thought.


The protagonist, Work, is a middle-aged lawyer whose much-reviled father has just been murdered. The setup reminded me a bit of Michael Connelly's Mickey Haller series, minus the character's likeability. I don't need perfect— I like my character's flawed, but Work just rubbed me the wrong way. 


Sometimes I fail to relate to characters others love (e.g. Walt Longmire), and chalk it up to my own inability to relate to their lives, but Work was somehow exhausting. I can be a cranky reader, and that was certainly some of it, but the plot felt less mysterious than it did confusing.


So this one gets, at most, a shoulder shrug from me.