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Peter Swanson
James Buchanan
Jean H. Baker, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Inconsequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts For Life’s Peskier Questions

Inconsequential Dilemmas - Knock Knock

Were I feeling slightly less lazy than I do at the current moment, I might muster up the will to make my own flowchart to answer the question of “Should I read this book in more than one sitting?” The answer for this book would be a resounding yes, and I actually did try my very best to do so— I read it in two sittings, thank you very much. However, there's a reason most positive reviews for Inconsequential Dilemmas use the terms “coffee table,” “waiting room,” or “bathroom.”

Inconsequential Dilemmas inside

Should you need a book for any of those aforementioned contexts, this one is cute enough.