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David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall

David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall - David Sedaris, David Sedaris

I know, I know—this isn't what most think of as being a “book” per se. However, after being laid out in bed with the flu, Captain Trips, or maybe even that Gluten Free Ebola they were talking about on South Park for the past week or so, I really needed a dose David Sedaris' sardonic brilliance in its most potent form.


I have all of Sedaris' books in audio and physical form. And, yes, most of the material you will hear on David Sedaris: Live at Carnegie Hall has found its way into his work elsewhere. But, even having seen him read live several times, I maintain that this is Sedaris at his absolute best.


I don't know if this recording of “Six to Eight Black Men” from the performance is officially sanctioned or whatever, but if you listen to this and don't want more then, well, I have nothing to say to you.  


Really, it speaks volumes that I pulled myself out of bed just to ensure that even those of us with the hearts of coal have something to make us laugh at this oh-so jovial time of year.