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The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood - James Gleick

The amount of information (pun acknowledged, but not intended) that James Gleick was able to contain in the book is mind-boggling (Claude Shannon could probably tell you what the physical cost of the logical work my mind did while reading it was, but I, alas, cannot).


I'm sure that for those who are well-versed in information theory, some of his omissions were glaring and seemingly arbitrary, but there is nothing wrong with a book that leaves you wanting more and feeling sufficiently motivated to go out and find it.


The Information, with all that it contains, is a likely candidate for the list of non-fiction books I loved, took copious notes on while reading, and would recommend, but fail to review because there is just so much to be said. However, it's Ada Lovelace Day, and without Gleick I would have no clue as to who she was (and she was awesome).


Ada Lovelace Day


My lack of time and in-depth knowledge of Lovelace suggest that my attempt to describe her right now would be inadequate, so I'll just recommend a nice New Yorker article “Ada Lovelace, The First Tech Visionary” (and/or any of the ALD features that are bound to grace the interwebs today).