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Queenpin - Megan Abbott

"She knew how to end things. She knew how to make it so you'd never forget. Never shake the sight of her in full dark bloom. She was an artist."

That's you, Megan Abbott — that "she" you're describing is you in all of your manipulative, terrible, chill-inducing, wonderful glory. 


There aren't so many characters out there like this. Abbott's Queenpin isn't what she is in spite of being a woman, nor did she sleep her way to the top — nobody gets where she is just by laying down. No, you get there by being smart, ruthless, and two perfect pointed-heel steps ahead of the game; and, of course, knowing all of the angles. 

"In this life," she said, crossing these glorious gams, shimmering in the filmy light, "you can’t let your guard down. If you can control yourself, you can control everyone else."

I know I can't do these characters justice. You have to work to pry the open the smallest details of what makes these people tick- and I'd be doing a disservice by showing you their cards too early. Let's just say that the ladies in this world can run with the best of them...and I do mean the very best.


Malory Archer in the elevator