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A Presidential Plea

POTUS Iotacons Unread June 9 2k14

In what may have been a foolhardy New Year's resolution, I decided to make 2014 my year to "read the presidents." With 34 down (including two, non-consecutively read books on Grover Cleveland), I've gotten off to a pretty good start (if I do say so myself). However, my ten unread POTUS (I still haven't figured out a good way to pluralize that initialism...PsOTUS, POTUSes, POTI?), shown in color in my modded version of Andy Rash's awesome U.S. Presidents Iotacons chart, have brought my progress to a bit of a screeching halt. Thus, I'm pretty much pleading- even beseeching you to help a girl out. 



After a less than inspiring encounter with The American Presidents series courtesy of Rutherford B. Hayes (and/or author Hans L. Trefousse — not really sure who to blame for this one), I'm hoping that there are other books out there on my remaining ten. Other than that, my rules are pretty loose. Basically, non-fiction and has the given president's name in the title (e.g. I was all too happy to cross off Warren Harding by reading The Teapot Dome Scandal). 


So, any and all recommendations are welcome. Preemptive thanks and gratitude. 


Post Script

In case you're not on your A-game when it comes to 8-bit versions of our Commanders in Chief, my TBRPs (to-be-read-presidents):

  • Martin Van Buren (8)
  • William Henry Harrison (9)
  • John Tyler (10)
  • Zachary Taylor (12)
  • Millard Fillmore (13)
  • James Buchanan (15)
  • Andrew Johnson (17)
  • Chester Alan Arthur (21)
  • Benjamin Harrison (23)
  • Herbert Hoover (31)