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Prayers for Rain (Kenzie & Gennaro #5)

Prayers for Rain - Dennis Lehane

After finishing the fifth in his exploits of Kenzie & Gennaro, I can confidently say that Dennis Lehane doesn't just have my number- dude's straight up got me on speed dial. What's more, I had my defenses up this time around. I don't forgive easily, and (to my own detriment) part of me* was still feeling petulant about my Gone, Baby, Gone-induced melancholia.


I don't trust myself to say much about this one without ruining surprises (pleasant or otherwise). There will be more Bubba Rogowski, even an extra dose of what makes the beloved bruiser tick. So, in summation, I'll likely be subjecting myself to more of the twisted sweet torture of  Lehane-land deviance soon enough. 



* An emotionally-stunted part that should not be acknowledged when it comes to evaluating the quality of literature (Gone, Baby, Gone is an excellent read).