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Sacred (Kenzie & Gennaro #3)

Sacred - Dennis Lehane

A Bone to Pick With Mr. Lehane

Well Dennis, I hope you're happy with yourself because you've pretty much shot my street cred with your depiction of Marblehead in this one—all those years of referring to it as M'hood, my clever use of the zip code in dubbing the town police force the "0194-five-oh," all shattered as soon as Patrick wakes up in the mansion of a mysterious billionaire (the dimensions of which I'm pretty sure wouldn't actually fit anywhere on the Marblehead Neck, so there!) On the other hand, you did make it sound like I risk my life on the daily driving along what you refer to as a "chop shop auto mile," so thank god for small miracles or whatever.


Oh, you wanted to know about the book?

As mentioned, Patrick and Angie are on the tail of a missing billionaire's daughter- their first foray back into the field since the crazed events of Darkness Take My Hand. True to form, nothing is as it seems, so if you're planning on reading it, I'll leave you with the tantalizing promise of cult involvement, and you should just go on your merry reading way. 


Spoilery Complaints

I get that the more you read of a given author, the more you (as reader) know about what makes the characters tick, but this one just didn't have the shock and awe value for me that the first two did. I'd love to say it's just that I'm just becoming a brilliant detective, but there was one clue-by-four that drove me nuts from the start: Desiree. I have lived in Marblehead for pretty much my entire life, and while I've met plenty of Duckys, Chips, Skips and both a Lulu and a Lala, Desiree is just not a name that comes up. No, I didn't expect Lehane to stick strictly to names in the phone book (which would be unhelpful anyway, as you'd just find a boatload of John Callahan Winston the Thirds and such), but the name alone puts the whole siren song/succubus thing just this side of obvious.

(show spoiler)


In the end, I (apparently) can't stay mad at Patrick and Angie for long though, because I'm already digging into Gone Baby Gone. So, Dennis, looks like all is forgiven.