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Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow

Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow - Susan Campbell Bartoletti

I was not an easy adolescent to rear. Or maybe I was just typical. My teenage years definitely featured more than a few slammed doors and threats to never talk to my parents again, along with the occasional 'I wish xxx's parents were my parents.' Now just imagine if these types of disagreements ended with angst-ridden teens shouting "I wish Hitler were my father." But instead of a slammed door they go to school where they're learning eugenics, tell their 18 year old teacher, and then some Nazi soldiers show up and the parents mysteriously disappear for three weeks.

Powerful children (especially en masse) are supremely creepy to me.

Pair that with the atrocities of Nazi Germany and you've got something truly tragic and disturbing. It was not by accident that Hitler rose to power on the shoulders of young people. The things we learn when we are young become a part of us in a way that's so deeply rooted it takes something truly extraordinary to shake our beliefs.

I can't say I learned a lot of new facts from this book, but is was interesting to hear individual stories of when and how young people questioned or followed the leaders of the Third Reich. Also, in Hitler Youth one of the classes for the girls was Charm! That just blew my mind.