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Deadly Commitment (John Provo Thriller Series, #1)

Deadly Commitment (John Provo Thriller Series, #1) - Robert Burton Robinson I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Deadly Commitment was my first foray into the genre of mega-church murder mysteries. This book is a bit like a soap opera in terms the sheer number of moving pieces and characters at play at any given moment. You've got your 23-year old divorcé protagonist (do people really get married and divorced so young these days?) who we meet just before he gets into a bar fight with the (fictional) center of the Houston Rockets. He's into yoga, steel-toed boots and talking aloud to his dead adoptive mother. Then there's the whole case of church-going characters who vary in their degrees of nefariousness, but all have something to hide. Between the motorcycle gang/felons who ride down the aisles for show and the pastor's twin sons who zip-line from the balcony to the pulpit while playing killer riffs on the guitar and key-tar (respectively), this place is certainly unlike any house of worship I've ever seen (which is not to say that one doesn't exist). Toss false-memory implantation and deadly GPS units in the mix and you've got yourself quite a circus...