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The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller #1)

The Lincoln Lawyer - Connelly Michael

It's extra exciting when you read a book you enjoy and know that there's plenty more from whence it came (read: it's part of a series). Thus, I'm pretty darn pleased to have made the acquaintance of the eponymous Lincoln-riding lawyer, Mickey Haller


Haller is a defense attorney of the “Better Call Saul” variety. Criminals need lawyers, and if their money's green… He's a likable guy—so likable, in fact, that neither of his ex-wives (prosecutor/baby mama Maggie McFierce, and super secretary Lorna Taylor) treat him with the contempt typically associated with broken marriages. Heck, they're downright helpful.


The case at hand involves wealthy Los Angelean and potential “franchise”/big money client, Louis Roulet (rhymes with Robert Goulet). Roulet is on the hook for the assault of a working girl, and, of course, he's innocent. Right? It's hard to describe much without risking spoiler-ing (the first four paragraphs of James' review do a damn fine job of it). 


Since there's an overbearing mother, and a switchblade involved, and because I'm oh so predictable, I'll leave you with this.


Archer Switchblade