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The Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir

Andy Weir (a bit of a self-publishing Cinderella, as I learned form Trudi's stellar review) has received a sufficient amount of well-deserved, gushing praise for The Martian that I don't feel terribly guilty for offering a montage of Archer gifs in lieu of a “real” review. However, first, you'll have to permit me a moment to expound on the oft-drawn parallel between this book and Apollo 13.


For the scientists and nerds among us, the greatness of Apollo 13 has little to do with the performances of Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, and doesn't even rest on the shoulders of the head honchos in Houston. The thrilling, goosebumps-inducing moments for me (which, somehow, have not been adequately immortalized in gif form) are spent with this motley crew:

Apollo 13 Square Peg Round Hole 1

Apollo 13 Square Peg Round Hole 2


As the ever eloquent Pam Poovey might say:

Pam Geeks Are Badass

Yes Pam, you are correct. And, what's more? Mark Watney, our leading man/Martian (as in resident, albeit unwittingly, of the planet Mars) is the very embodiment of badass geekery. 


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Archer/The Martian:

Space suits are super useful, but only if you've got the right amount of oxygen kicking around in there. 

Archer Suffocating

Think your airplane bathroom quickie was impressive? Think again. The Million Mile High Club is where it's really at.

Million Mile High Club


Last, but definitely not least, space travel often takes you to a zone that is one of danger… Danger Zone!

Space Race Danger Zone