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Peter Swanson
James Buchanan
Jean H. Baker, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Food: A Love Story

Food: A Love Story - Jim Gaffigan

It is because I like Jim Gaffigan so much that I enjoyed this book so little. With his last book, Dad Is Fat, I put part of the blame on the topic (fathering five children), and some of the fact that I read (and did not listen to) the book. So, I thought I was being clever by listening to Food: A Love Story.


It turns out, I was not clever enough. Why? Because, for me, this was almost all material that I have heard Jim do—just delivered in a slightly less funny manner. Now here's where things get tricky: this is an amalgam of food-related bits from Beyond the Pale, King Baby, Mr. Universe, and various other specials. So, I suppose that if, for some reason, you really wanted to avoid anything relating to topics other than food, then this would be your way to go…